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Gyprock manufactures ceiling tiles with various surface finishes and properties to suit a variety of commercial applications.

Whether it is for external or internal paintwork, drywall installation, insulation, or converting to sustainable design; our painters and plasterers contractors have got your building needs covered. We’ve served both residential and commercial sectors during this time, and our record quality of results has satisfied many clients over the years.

Along with our 23 years of experience, we also bring together the latest machinery and equipment, to ensure that every job is completed to the highest standard.

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Plasterer Melbourne are highly skilled professional plasterers covering Melbourne and the local surrounding area. We have over 20 years of experience and undertake all general plastering work, from walls, ceilings, rooms, up to an entire house!

With over 27 years experience in the commercial and domestic plastering industry, classic walls and ceilings endeavors to maintain a high quality of workmanship at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on being both 100% genuine and reliable, with a 7 year guarantee, a service you can trust. With a friendly approachable manner to all of our customers we ensure that you get the best possible service whatever your needs.

Why do you need a plasterer?

Plastering uneven surfaces in your property improves its appearance by providing an even and smooth finish. A smooth wall is needed if you are planning on doing any painting work in a room. Plastering also helps protect and preserve surfaces from external factors, such as sunlight and dust, ensuring durability so that your property’s walls last for years to come. However, plastering requires advanced knowledge and skills, which only a trained professional can provide.

Whether you are moving into a new home, plan on redecorating your home or you have discovered chips and cracks in your office, a plasterer is recommended.

Plastering involves using the right materials, such as cement and sand, mixed at the correct ratio. A plasterer knows the right proportions of materials to use for the best outcome in any given situation. If you’re looking for a plasterer who knows what they are doing and can get your job done, HaMuch can help.

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Water damage? Blown crumbling walls? Need ceiling repair? Or just want to freshen up your living space? Our team of plasterers in Melbourne can cater to all your plastering needs, restoring your property no mater how big or small your project.

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Plasterer Melbourne are Melbourne’s leading plaster specialists offering expert plastering services Melbourne wide. Our plasterers, provides professional plastering services with the assistance of commercial plasterers, industrial plasterers, domestic plasterers, shop fitout plasterers, Melbourne wide. Plastering is an important step in both home and commercial repairs, builds and renovations.


Plasterer Melbourne would be the perfect choice for you , If you are looking for a quality and expert Plastering service provider in Melbourne, as we are a company that has been involved in offering excellent quality and reliable plastering service to our esteemed clients all across Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. We work with the aim that all our clients get the maximum benefit from their collaboration with us.

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What We Promise

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Plasterer Melbourne would be the perfect choice for you , If you are looking for a quality and expert Plastering service provider in Melbourne, as we are a company that has been involved in offering excellent quality and reliable plastering service to our esteemed clients all across Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. We work with the aim that all our clients get the maximum benefit from their collaboration with us.


Plaster Melbourne contracts for major building companies in London and also complete work for private company owners on their commercial premises. Commercial Plastering is a full-service professional plastering and lathing contractor serving the needs of the industry. Contact us for a free quote A PLASTERER SYDNEY RESIDENTS TRUST

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A Plasterer Sydney Residents Trust

I’m a plasterer based in Melbourne. I’ve worked in all aspects of interior plastering over the last 15 years, from small repairs right though to commercial fit-outs.

As a small business owner, every customer is incredibly important to me. That’s why I ensure that all my work is of the highest quality, and I never leave a job site without cleaning up first.

I do my best to provide value for money without cutting corners and compromising on quality.

You can check out some examples of my previous jobs in my gallery or read some of my customer reviews. To see what others are saying about my work.

If your after an honest, fair dinkum trade qualified, licensed and fully insured gyprock plasterer in Melbourne VIC don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for a free quote.


  • applying a smooth finish to walls and / or ceilings

  • traditional lime plaster work

  • re-skim

  • plasterboarding

  • studwork and drylining

  • damp proof tanking


  • screed or re-screed a concrete floor

  • install underfloor heating on a floor level


  • using mixed cement, sand and lime plaster to add a protective layer on the wall

  • lime render old homes (pre-1920’s) built in brick, stone or with cob walls

  • silicone rendering to protect your home from weather damage and water penetratin

  • colour rendering can give your home a unique and attractive appearance

  • parex monocouche spray application

wait...there is more!


Alongside plastering we can also help with partitions, extensions, conversions, damp proofing, carpentry, and tiling. No job is too big, or too small, please get in touch for a free quotation or more information.

Plastere Melbourne is a team of complete interior specialists with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and second to none workmanship, although Melbourne wide plastering concentrates on Melbourne northern beaches we do not limit our travels. Our team is completely licenced both in GYPROCK and PAINTING and also fully insured.

Melbourne Wide Plastering is your team of complete interior specialists. When you need plastering or gyprocking done in Melbourne, we are your first choice. We provide complete solutions in both areas, and no job is considered too big or too small for our team. With over 23 years’ of experience in the industry, Melbourne Wide Plastering has all the knowledge and expertise required to complete every job in a way that will leave our customers 100% satisfied every time. That is why we also offer our customers a free, no obligation quote. Our expert team are also quite happy to provide you with advice on plastering or gyprocking services in Sydney.

Our Purpose

We want to limit the hassle that you generally experience trying to line up the services of multiple companies to complete your job. We do this by offering complete interior solutions to our customers. The following is just some of the work that we have completed for our clients:

  • Suspended ceilings, panel, or flush plasterboard lining

  • All fancy decorative panels and features

  • Shadow line finishes

  • Office fit outs that include glazing with windows, aluminium doors, fire doors, etc.

  • All fire rating and sound proofing certified to Australian standard

  • Plasterboard gyprock installation and repairs

  • Water damage repairs

  • Cornice installation decorative or plain

  • Sound proof gyprock plasterboard installation

  • Fire rating gyprock plasterboard installation

  • All wet area coverings including multi board installation

Katie Sills
Katie Sills
a month ago

For solid plastering and the restoration and repair of historic structures, we heartily recommend Joe O'Gorman. Our 1886 Victorian home's exterior render was repaired by Joe. While other plasterers advised us that we needed to replace the render on the entire wall, he was able to repair some damage to large walls. He possesses the knowledge and experience in conventional methods that we needed. Nothing was too much trouble for him, and he is very neat, courteous, and helpful.
We wouldn't think twice about using or recommending him in the future.

tom cook
tom cook
3 months ago

Joe has recently been working on our 97-year-old California bungalow, which has been a pleasure. Joe was sympathetic to our values of having the walls made neat and tidy, solid, and ready for the next hundred years when it came to the job of repairing the original lathe-and-plaster walls in a large room. He also recognized our interest in the procedure and took the time to explain and demonstrate each step. The outcome is fantastic.

The mess and dust that lathe and plaster work inevitably produces cannot be avoided, but Joe's attention to detail with covers and sheets ensured that this was kept to a minimum.

We are pleased to recommend Joe's services because he is a very hard worker, exceptionally skilled, and a pleasure to be around.

michael bishop
michael bishop
a year ago

What a delight it was to watch Joe repair the missing, broken, and damaged plaster pieces on the façade of our 130-year-old house.
He skillfully and meticulously restored features to their original state using conventional methods and natural materials.
He is a talented craftsman who is also approachable, kind, patient, and consultative. With the outcome, we are thrilled. Joe far exceeded our expectations on all counts, and we have nothing but praise for him.

Sam Goyder
Sam Goyder
a month ago

Joe came and rendered the brick and blue board after we had an addition made to the front of our house. He seamlessly combined the old and new, covering the brick entirely so that no shape could be seen. He completes his work efficiently. We heartily advise Joe. Helen & Duane

Ellen Hudson
Ellen Hudson
a week ago

Joe did a fantastic job at our home. He restored the appearance of our old Victorian home's cracked walls and ceilings! We're astonished at how fluid they've become. We are ecstatic about his work. He takes great pride in his work and was very dependable. Working with him was an absolute pleasure. He comes highly recommended from me.

Graeme Ceshire
Graeme Ceshire
1 year ago

Joe was a pleasure to work with. He completed a fantastic job for a very fair price. Despite the fact that we added a few extra things, he began and finished on schedule.
I had three walls that were quite severely damaged, necessitating the underpinning of the house. You would never know that there had been any damage because the walls now appear brand new.

Michael Loganathan
Michael Loganathan
a year ago

It gives me pleasure to give Joe O'Gorman this recommendation. Joe had to overcome a number of challenges due to the extensive 19th century damage to our terrace. Joe took it all in stride, confidently, and even with excitement. He has kept all of his promises, and he has consistently been considerate, punctual, and courteous. Good work!

Jeni Stavreski
Jeni Stavreski
a month ago

The unexpected occurred during our renovation, so we required a sturdy plaster. Joe walked us through our options and was very personable and obviously knowledgeable from the moment I called. He was a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond to deliver after providing a fair quote. We are overjoyed with the results of his work. Without a doubt, I'd suggest Joe.


So how do you know if a plasterer is the right professional for you? A plasterer will be able to provide a smooth surface, whether on walls, ceilings or partitions, for either functional or decorative purposes. A plasterer will also be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Apply coats of plaster: Plastering specialists will apply plaster to interior walls and partitions, using hand tools, portable power tools or a combination of the two.
  • Create decorative textures: Plasterers can create textures and decorative patterns for an ornate finish.
  • Clean and prepare surfaces: Plastering specialists will prepare surfaces for plastering by thoroughly cleaning them and fixing any cracks or chips found. They will also create the mortar mix, ready for application.

The time is takes to plaster a room depends on what’s required, and on the size of the room. We can give you an estimated completion time when we come and look at the job and provide a quote.

Generally, it will take around 3-5 days for plastering to dry out however there are a few factors that will affect the drying time of your plaster. The thickness of the plastering will affect the time it takes for the plaster to dry out. If there are any areas that require additional work, for example, if there is a void, a large crack, or a gap which requires filling then a base coat or bonding plaster may be required before skimming. This means that certain areas may be thicker than others and therefore require more time for the plaster to thoroughly dry out. If there has been significant filling it could take as long as two weeks for the plaster to be thoroughly dry and ready for painting and decorating. Another factor that will affect the drying time for your plastering work is the room temperature and ventilation. It can be tempting to turn the heating right up to speed up the drying process but this is not recommended. Excessive heat will cause the plaster to dry too quickly which may result in cracking or hazing. The best condition for allowing your newly plastered walls/ceiling to dry is to provide some ventilation by opening a couple of windows slightly. You can put the heating on, however, we recommend you keep this at a low temperature for a number of days after the plastering is completed. This will help with the drying process whilst avoiding the plaster cracking.

The most common types of plaster are a composition of gypsum, lime or cement with water and sand. The plaster is typically manufactured as a dry powder and then worked to form a stiff paste by mixing in water before application.

Plastering is most definitely a skill, so you should understand that before you begin. Any skill can be learnt, but it's going to take you a bit of time and a bit of practise. ... With a bit of time, learning and careful work, you can totally tackle plastering through DIY! You've just got to put the effort in to learn how.

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