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Australia's longest-running custom acoustic ceiling panels manufacturer.

Our painters and plasterers contractors can take care of all of your building needs, including insulation, drywall installation, exterior or interior painting, and conversion to sustainable design. Throughout this time, we have provided services to both the residential and commercial sectors, and our consistently high-calibre outcomes have pleased many clients.

To ensure that every job is completed to the highest standard, we combine our 20+ years of experience with the newest tools and machinery.

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Thanks to Ivan and his team for the fantastic job they did bringing our Victorian walls and cornice back to their grandeur. Nothing was too hard for them to complete. Highly recommend Ivan and his team for any plastering work.
Great service and a quality result.Thank you!
Ivan and the team did a superb job plastering my external studio. A smooth finish and a fair price.
Ivan and team provided a professional, comprehensive ,quotation which was much appreciated after having dealt with other companies that failed to provide them. We needed to replace a ceiling and cornices in a 90 year old home. Nothing was too much trouble and the job was completed as promised. Thanks
Response from the owner: Thank you Sharon for your feedback! We will be more than happy to assist you any time in future! It was a pleasure to work with you!
Professional and finished on time, Ivan is good communication friendly and helpful, I recommend this’s the best plasters in Melbourne. Thanks ivan and all the team.
Ivan and his team did a great job of rendering over my dirty old popcorn ceiling. Not an easy project, they were efficient and well priced and a great result. Have more jobs I’ll get them to do. Highly recommended.
These guys are great, fast, affordable, communicative & did an excellent job. Highly recommend will use again!
I engaged Plastering National to replace some plaster columns that had been damaged. They were fast, well priced, communicated well and I was happy with the outcome. I would recommend them to others.
Response from the owner: Thank you Willian. It was pleasure to work with you. We will be more than happy to assist you with any plastering job in the future.
Our ceiling was falling down and Ivan went out of his way to fit us in and fix our ceiling. Job completed as discussed, his guys were very respectful and Ivan was always quick to answer any query. Thanks team Ivan
I found Plaster National very professional and they were punctual on the day of work. Great job completed and would highly recommend this company.
Response from the owner: Thank you Anne! It was nice to be in service!

What we do

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Ideal for Office areas

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Made from Corrugated perforated aluminium

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Ideal for Aquatic Centres

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Astonishingly lightweight with Longitudinal Flexibility

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An excellent option for walls as well as ceilings.


About Our Acoustic Ceiling Services

As experts in the complex, our team works hard to make it simpler for you.

While no two projects are the same, designing unique spaces is what gets us excited. You can expect personalized service that is tailored to your needs as a result.

Spend more time on the project you've always wanted to work on, and we'll simplify the complicated for you.

Superior Acoustic Ceilings – 30 Years Of Experience In Australia

Are you looking for a superior acoustic ceiling with excellent sound absorption? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

We at Plasterer Melbourne have been working in the Acoustic Ceiling market for over 20 years, meaning we know what we’re doing. Our best-selling designer ceilings are known for their superior acoustic performance. Both products are built on the founding principle of a laser-guided focus on sound absorption. Specified and installed on hundreds of projects around Australia, these two products are favourites amongst Architects and engineers.

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Comprehensive Range Of Acoustic Ceilings In Melbourne

Leading acoustic ceiling experts in Melbourne, Plasterer Melbourne provides professional acoustic ceiling services around Melbourne. Our plasterers work with home, commercial, industrial, retail fitout, and domestic plasterers to offer high-quality plastering services around Melbourne. Plastering is a crucial phase in both residential and commercial construction and remodelling projects.

Quality & Trusted Acoustic Ceilings Melbourne

Plasterers Melbourne offers high-functioning acoustic sound panels that combine beautiful form and high function. Modern acoustic wall and ceiling panels from us can enhance any room's acoustic comfort and reverberation patterns as well as serve as stunning design elements. Acoustic panels made by Melbourne Plasterers have been used in a wide range of settings, including offices, atriums, sports arenas, lecture halls, and shopping malls.

The decorative sound absorption panels that best meet your needs in terms of acoustic performance, aesthetics, usability, durability, and cost will be determined in conjunction with you. No matter what style and finish you select, you can be sure that our acoustic panels are of the highest quality. The panel range is made with Green Star-certified materials, has a complete 7-year performance warranty, and is lab-accredited for its acoustic performance.

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What We Promise

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Fire Safety Insulation

Walls and ceiling spaces that separate residences are major elements in multi-residential construction relating to fire safety. A Fire Separation Wall is a wall with appropriate resistance to spread of fire that divides a storey or building into a fire compartment

Homes and outbuildings in fire prone areas also benefit greatly by using appropriate fire retardant methods of construction and products in roofs, and under eaves.

Pipe Insulation – Thermal & Acoustic

Pipe insulation is a necessity for both Copper and PVC pipes used for specific purposes in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. There are different types of insulation depending on the application for which the pipe is used.

Steam or high-temperature pipe work requires insulating material up to high temperatures with an industrial fire rating and a Rock Mineral heavy duty thermal insulation is commonly used for this application.

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Polyester Insulation can be used as a Thermal insulation and as an Acoustic Insulation in walls, ceilings and floors.

Polyester Thermal Insulation increases comfort by keeping homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter, therefore, saving on power bills.

Polyester Acoustic Insulation reduces excessive outside noise as well as minimises noise between rooms, making quieter living zones.

Made from thermally bonded polyester fibres, this type of insulation is a good choice being easy to install and user-friendly because it is not dusty or fibrous, which can be irritating.
We can supply Polyester Insulation in batts and rolls with various “R” ratings.

Acoustic Suspension Systems

The working environment as we know it today has evolved over the years. Organisations and workplaces are now equipped with innovative, aesthetically pleasing and up-to-date surroundings, thus creating a working environment that is comfortable for all. Initially, suspended systems were designed to conceal pipe work, wiring and other building elements that are quite unsightly. The clean, modular design of the suspension systems allows the designer to create a range of different aesthetic and functional layouts. we offer suspended ceilings that also have great acoustic qualities.

Drywall Suspension Systems

Among the varied products that we offer are metal suspension products for suspended ceilings, such as the primary and secondary supports, top fixings, and hangers, along with the panels/tiles or plasterboard to make up the ceiling surface.

Our Wall To Wall System also eliminates or minimises the amount of suspension that may otherwise be necessary, potentially saving you time and money on the job.

wait...there is more!

We stock Australia’s largest selection of ceiling systems produced by a single manufacturer

At Plasterer Melbourne, we stock and supply a large range of ceiling panels. We have access to the largest panel selection in the state. Most of our panels are mineral fibre, but we also stock standard paper-faced plaster options.

Ceiling panels have a large commercial application; they can be used in a wide range of scenarios that include noisy office buildings and classrooms to decrease sounds, and medical situations where hygiene and noise are taken into consideration.

There are many domestic, commercial and industrial applications for which acoustic insulation is required.

Making space comfortable by blocking and reducing external noises from being intrusive is a major objective for many. Available in different forms for specific purposes, acoustic insulation is used in walls, ceilings, floors, and also around noisy pipes and equipment.

  • We specialize in the supply of various types of acoustic insulation for those many applications.

  • Batts for ceilings and walls are available in Polyester, Glass Wool, Earthwool, and Rockwool.

  • Polyester Acoustic and Thermal Sound Blanket for partition walls and suspended ceilings.

  • Polyester Baffle Block commonly used in ceiling voids above walls to prevent sound transference between rooms and or offices.

  • Acoustic Pipe Lagging for waste and storm water pipes can also be used as a form of duct or acoustic wrap.

  • Mass Loaded Vinyl which assists in soundproofing walls and ceilings against aircraft, music, cinema and engine noises.


So how do you know if a plasterer is the right professional for you? A plasterer will be able to provide a smooth surface, whether on walls, ceilings or partitions, for either functional or decorative purposes. A plasterer will also be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Apply coats of plaster: Plastering specialists will apply plaster to interior walls and partitions, using hand tools, portable power tools or a combination of the two.
  • Create decorative textures: Plasterers can create textures and decorative patterns for an ornate finish.
  • Clean and prepare surfaces: Plastering specialists will prepare surfaces for plastering by thoroughly cleaning them and fixing any cracks or chips found. They will also create the mortar mix, ready for application.

The time is takes to plaster a room depends on what’s required, and on the size of the room. We can give you an estimated completion time when we come and look at the job and provide a quote.

Generally, it will take around 3-5 days for plastering to dry out however there are a few factors that will affect the drying time of your plaster. The thickness of the plastering will affect the time it takes for the plaster to dry out. If there are any areas that require additional work, for example, if there is a void, a large crack, or a gap which requires filling then a base coat or bonding plaster may be required before skimming. This means that certain areas may be thicker than others and therefore require more time for the plaster to thoroughly dry out. If there has been significant filling it could take as long as two weeks for the plaster to be thoroughly dry and ready for painting and decorating. Another factor that will affect the drying time for your plastering work is the room temperature and ventilation. It can be tempting to turn the heating right up to speed up the drying process but this is not recommended. Excessive heat will cause the plaster to dry too quickly which may result in cracking or hazing. The best condition for allowing your newly plastered walls/ceiling to dry is to provide some ventilation by opening a couple of windows slightly. You can put the heating on, however, we recommend you keep this at a low temperature for a number of days after the plastering is completed. This will help with the drying process whilst avoiding the plaster cracking.

The most common types of plaster are a composition of gypsum, lime or cement with water and sand. The plaster is typically manufactured as a dry powder and then worked to form a stiff paste by mixing in water before application.

Plastering is most definitely a skill, so you should understand that before you begin. Any skill can be learnt, but it's going to take you a bit of time and a bit of practise. ... With a bit of time, learning and careful work, you can totally tackle plastering through DIY! You've just got to put the effort in to learn how.

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